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Kobarid and its vicinity

kobaridKobarid (Caporetto, Karfreit) is situated at the meeting point of two valleys. The valley of the Nadiža river with its Breginjski kot stretches westward, and the Soča (Isonzo) valley in the east reaches in a gentle sweep down to Tolmin and rises up to Bovec, Vršič and Predil in the north.

Kobarid is particulary known for its turbulent past. It was inhabited as early as the Hallstatt Age. The archeological finds dating back to the age of the Roman Empire speak of Kobarid as an important stopover point on the Aquileia - Noricum route. And in the Middle Ages the settlement was owned by the Cividale Chapter.

In 1688 a devastating blaze swept through the settlement. Turkish hordes prowled this region and Napoleon's troops marched through these valleys. In memory of those times a bridge spanning the Soča was named Napoleon's Bridge. Kobarid gained world recognition thanks to the greatest highland battle in human history that took place during World War I. This region was the scene of the first swift, sudden military offensive today known by the German word "blitzkrieg". In October 1917, the Austrian and German armies dealt a decisive blow to the Italian armed forces near Kobarid. In only a few days, the two armies pushed Italian troops deep into the Italian territory, as far as the Piave river. The vicinity of Kobarid is dotted by telling traces of trenches and fortifications and an imposing tomb on the St. Antony's Hill, commemorating the Italian war casualties, reminding us of the ravages of war.

Today Kobarid is a pleasant town dwarfed by towering mountains offering many points of interest and places ideal for hiking, hunting, and fishing. Marked trails lead from Kobarid to the mountaintops of Stol, Matajur, and Krn and to the waterfall of Kozjak. Invigorating waters of the Nadiža attract visitors in summer. The Krn mountain range looming over Kobarid marks the fringe of Triglav National Park , a realm of pristine nature harboring breathtaking vistas of mountain wilderness.










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